We went through numerous computer simulations and repeatedly adjustments of parameters on both layouts and design to make sure every suite will have best possible view.
1. Northern European Style Peace and Quiet Excellent
The style of the suite is concise, elegant getting close to the nature and describing it vividly by using lines and colors to divide space; every details of the decoration will make you feel elegant thoroughly the moment you return.

2. Luxury Baroque Style Low-pitched
From the perspectives of the craftsmanship, decorative colors, and material elements, The Seagate Suite will use European cultureas the inspiration to represent your unique and royal taste.

3. Neoclassicism Style Distinguish and Elegant
To the world, the neoclassicism symbolizes the elegant and romantic life style art and soul. it is widely spread until it becomes the classic.

4. New Oriental Style- Blends the ancient style with modern taste
Infusing modern elements into the traditional Chinese aesthetics by assembling, fusing and engraving which makes the life full of peaceful beauty.

5. Minimalist Style Less is More
A residence with multiple functions including quietness, brightness, and comfort forms a fantastic life consisting of unique pattern and tasteful space.

6. South-east Asia style – Things and I united
The interior will bring tropical nature feeling by using comforting neutral color, wall paper, solid wood, diatom mud and handmade masterpieces.