About The Sea Gate Suite

1. The Seagate Suite, Your Downtown Sweet 100000M² urban commercial complex located downtown Sihanoukville with 360-degree view of Victory Beach. A truly iconic structure with a combination of Shopping malls, Casinos, Art Gallery, Cinema, KTV, VIP lounges, Restaurants and cultural venues. It is going to be the flagship of downtown. Nothing more nothing less.

2. Transportation junction of southeast Asia formed crisscross transport road network.

Sihanoukville, a city named after the king, is the second largest city of Cambodia after the Capital Phnom Penh. Located in south east Asia, near Kra Canal, Thailand; Sihanoukville has the only international deep-water harbor in the country; and many cities around the world has direct flight from the Sihanoukville International Airport. Highway connecting Phnom Penh and Sihanoukville will be under construction starting year 2017, it will shorten the 3 distance between two cities to 190 km. Location advantages are obvious, transportation is convenient. Since 2009, Cambodia and Chinese government Special Economic Zone has attracted nearly 100 enterprises from all over the world and more than $10 billion in investment. Today Sihanoukville has become the highest capital intensive areas in Cambodia.
On 20 August 2019, The SEAGATE suite was approved on Environmental Impace Assessment (EIA)

3. Neighboring world’s major economic player.
Sihanoukville, a place with a variety of expressions. Here gathered hundreds of enterprises and foreign banks from all over the world, bringing a large number of executives and professionals from other cities of Cambodia and over the world. It will become the newest economic source and the stage of the international capital.

4. Synchronizing world class romance.
Different from other world’s major economic players, this city brings you another side of the world. Picture long coastline under the blue sky, lands with different characteristics, lush tropical rain forest; its natural beauty is in comparable to Maldives. It will become the next most desirable place for 5-stars hotel and resort, travel, sightseeing, and Deep-water diving enthusiasts.

6. Integrate the present, to witness the future.
The Seagate Suite, Your Downtown Sweet, will be privileged with Sihanoukville’s mature and rich resources. The project will include a 45 floors with outstanding view of victory beach, the 1118 VIP residents will enjoy 100 thousand square meters of high-end commercial complex, 24/7 concierge security, and international property management service. Our professional team will meet your needs and make you feel endless wonderfulness.